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Zombie Truck

Haunted House 

    This project started out as a request to if we were able to bend some tubing to make a roll cage.  Little that we knew of what this would eventually lead into.  The gentlemen from this company came back again with some more ideas.  Eventually we found out what they were building.  They are known to be, in our opinion, to be a very SCARY haunted house.  The project was actually taking a regular pickup truck and turning it into a 'Zombie hunting/catching truck'.  To say we were excited to help on this project was an understatement.  We were THRILLED!  As we continued on this project we would bounce ideas back and forth.  In the end the project got interesting and just in time for the Halloween season.

"Remember that the truck has gone through the ringer".

Making the final appearance

    Seeing how we helped them with the "Awesome" truck, they came back with a much smaller project.  They were in need of pneumatic scissor arms for a spook.  And we happily made them.