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    We were taught a lesson during a car show we did.  Two guys came to our booth at a show and asked if we could help them with an idea.  We talked and talked.  They gave us the confirmation of the project and we began the fun...
1 Skidded Corvette Front Suspension
1 Skidded Corvette Rear Suspension
1 Example Frame

When we got everything they had, we encountered a small problem.  Nothing that they gave us fit for the project.  Maybe not a small problem.  It was a very large problem.  So we got creative...
Final Product:
100% Tubular Frame
Corvette Aluminum Major Components
Fully Adjustable Coil-overs, Valving, Height and Spring Rates on all Corners
Optional Sway Bars
Fully Adjustable Rear Setup

And by the way, we wrapped it around a LS-2 backed by a 6 speed manual transmission.  In addition to that, it showed that it liked a really LOW center of gravity.  The guys may have to return later for some parts from our automotive sister.